His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama ~ encaustic paint on encausticbord®

Sharon Sperry Bloom investigates the spirit of a moment in her work, using color, texture and layers to get at the depth of the emotion. She examines the realization of the self in a moment, be it small or significant. Sometimes the work is objective and other times it is abstract, but it is always about the complexity of the singular human experience. Her work reflects spontanaity and joy, and also a depth of mindfulness and reflection.

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  1. Carol A. O'Mara

    Sharon, so happy you have time in your life to do your first love.
    I am intrigued with this style of painting. I think our art teacher at Berkley High may have had his students involved in this, I know they would be outside the building with some type of fire smoldering but I never followed up on it.
    Keep the works coming, I enjoy them even without seeing the original. Aunt Carol

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