Busy Bees

Last month the yard was filled with cactus blooms and therefore also with bees.  Watching them dive to the bottom of the blossoms for the nectar and roll around in the pollen was fascinating.  I learned a lot about bee behavior and had fun trying to take their pictures.  They can get very impatient waiting for a bud to open, and they don’t do a lot of posing, I can tell you that much.

This one is trying to stick his head into the bud - he can smell the nectar.

The early bee gets the best flower. (open...open...open...)

Back up sister. This is mine.

o hai, camera-laydee!

Although at times the number of bees were a little overwhelming, they never really bothered with me at all.  I figure they were too busy with their own work to worry about the paparazzi.

All photos were taken in natural light with a Canon 50D with Canon 55-250 IS lens from about 4 to 6 feet from subjects.

4 thoughts on “Busy Bees

  1. Cheryl Velez

    Just beautiful! I love full frame flower/insect shots. Can’t get enough of ’em. My fav is the second one. The early light is casting beautiful shadows telling the “early bird” story, and the colors in that one are warm and wonderful.

    I have a cactus pollenation shot in my portfolio as well. The bee in mine was also taking a bath in the pollen … and making a mess. Must be a bee thing!

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