These photos are from an outing with the ELCC, the Enchanted Lens Camera Club, of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We went to the old Santa Fe Railroad workshops near downtown.  These buildings are now abandoned and used by film companies to shoot feature films and television shows.  The property is protected and money is being raised to turn it into the Wheels Transportation Museum.

The most color could be found on the outside.

No, it wasn’t this dark inside, but parts, like these windows, were real grungy.

One building had a wood block floor on one side and engine car slots on the other.

This smaller building is referred to as ‘The Cathedral’. It’s an open space with tons of windows.

I joined the ELCC this year at the urging of photographer Leroy Perea.  Leroy is a big promoter of photography in the state and the organizer of the Annual New Mexico Photo Arts Show, held in December at the state fairgrounds.  He also holds a monthly ‘casual critique’ for members of the camera club, where beginners like me can show photos we have questions about and just generally learn a whole lot from his years of experience and the comments from those in the room.

Personally, I like critiques.  I can usually learn at least one new thing from having someone look at my work or even by discussing someone else’s work.  The club holds a monthly photo review, where members can submit photos either in a pre-selected category or in the open category.  A judge from outside the group gives comments.  You never know what a judge is going to say, as all judges see things differently.  I find these reviews really fascinating.  For me, the best part is seeing all the gorgeous work being done by club members!

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