Misty Mountain Hop

Since it’s so hot here this week, I was thinking back to being cold in January in Las Cruces, of all places.  It had rained the day before and snowed a lot in the Organ Mountains overnight, which is not a terribly common occurrence.  I got up early to get some pictures of the snow before going to my work assignment.

Driving down a road parallel to the mountains and near the pass to White Sands, the clouds were clearing and the snow was melting fast.  There was nothing around but scrub and cattle on the open-grazing land.  And suddenly there was this lovely clear shot of these lower peaks with the mist at the base.

I really like to have a foreground subject in a landscape shot to give a sense of depth to the picture.  There wasn’t a cow to be found and none of the bushes were particularly lovely, so I decided the cattle guard would do as well as anything to tell the story of the land.  To get it in the picture adequately, I had to climb down into the ditch and hope nothing else was down there!

Photo info: ISO400, f/11, 1/250 sec, manual

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