Old Hollyhocks

Our hollyhocks are going to seed.  The tall ones, anyway.  The shorties are still blooming away.  I got the seed for these when I was staying up in Taos, New Mexico at the Kachina Lodge on business.  This old hotel is a Best Western, but it’s definitely one of a kind.  The decor is something like wild-west-meets-totem-pole, there is gorgeous artwork in the main building, and they sometimes have local pueblo indians dancing for tourists in the garden.

Anyway, there were beautiful tall hollyhocks outside all the rooms, and some were going to seed when I was staying there, so I collected a bunch and brought them home and stuck them in the ground.  We’ve had hollyhocks ever since.  And they are a beautiful reminder of that crazy, laid-back town with the cleanest mountain air I have ever breathed.

Photo info: ISO 1600, f/10, 1/80 sec, manual

3 thoughts on “Old Hollyhocks

    1. bloomgal7

      Well, thank you! Yep – the stalk of seeds was angled toward me, so I chose one pod to focus on and shot the pic. I thought if they were all in focus, it would have been too busy.Here is a great post explaining selective depth-of-field in plain english.

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