Oh, for the love of bugs!

I like bugs.  Maybe not all of them, but I take a liking to bees and spiders and mantises and beetles and small crawlie and flying things.  Not that I like every crawlie – a cockroach in my sink means my husband is doing the dishes.  And spiders do not belong in the bathroom, so sorry.  But there is just such beauty is some of these creatures, even if the beauty is somewhat well, unconventional.

I’ve been visited by a number of small friends in the past few weeks, usually while hanging out in the yard with my not-so-small friend Two-socks.


While not taken in our yard, this IS my dog Two-socks.


She and I play catch for a while, then when she tires of that game, I play with the camera a bit.  Sometimes there are willing subjects about.


A dragonfly rests on a tomato cage



A gorgeous scarab - just one of a whole family that hung out in our bird-of-paradise tree for a few days.



Caterpillars like the seed pods and flowers on the bird-of-paradise tree.

A mantis in a decorative plum. He likes to dance when I talk to him. Really.



This clever little beetle almost blended in with the flower.



One of my all-time favorites - the crab spider. An amazing athlete and so fashionable! Seen here on my tastiest basil plant.

I think bees are my favorite. This one is resting on a prickly pear cactus.



The trick is getting them to wave for the picture.

I guess it is a bit weird for me to be talking to bugs.  But how else do you get them to look at the camera? Sometimes Two-socks gets jealous and starts squeeking her toy to get my attention.  She tries to keep me ‘normal’.  Good dog!

If anyone has better identification of any of these small critters, please post in a comment.



2 thoughts on “Oh, for the love of bugs!

  1. Emily Gooch

    Beautiful images! Your photos make the bugs look nice and cute. And Two-socks is absolutely adorable. He looks like one happy looking pup in the photo. Guess I would too if I get to roam around such beautiful place. 🙂

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