Poems and Movies

Get inspiration wherever you like. I don’t seem to have a choice. When inspiration shows up, it is pretty dang insistent. Suddenly, I just HAVE to get an idea down in paint or try a technique. And other projects wait while this thing gets started.  So an old favorite poem and one of my all-time fave movies are the subjects of this past weekend’s creations (besides the piece I needed to finish for Mining the Unconscious – see previous post).  See if you can figure out what the poem and movie are.

The first is based on a classic poem by an American poet:


And this one was inspired by a particular kind of movie experience:

Get inspired!



One thought on “Poems and Movies

  1. Robert Redus

    I’d say the poem…”Leaves of Grass”…hmmm the movie could be a couple in my sordid mind…choice #1 “Natural Born Killers”…could be your fav movie….or “Sling Blade”….

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