2012 Encaustic Evolution

So far this year, I have held workshops in two different locations and have begun making educational presentations about encaustic art. A new studio space has made workshops easier for me, since I no longer need to haul all my equipment and supplies to the studio – I stay there now! The location is fantastic. It is at 12th and Mountain Road NW, near the museums and funky coffee shops and restaurants. There are two other artists in the building with me, a photographer and a paper artist, so the creative juices are always flowing.

In addition to introductory ‘bootcamps’, I am now offering a photo/collage class, where students can create mixed media encaustic art pieces, and also a new ‘encaustic play date’, where students can experiment, work on special projects, or do whatever they like. We’ve even gotten into alternate substrates lately, including plexiglass and ceramic bisque.

Public speaking has never been a problem for me, and I was thrilled to make two presentations about encaustic art this summer, at the Enchanted Lens Camera Club and the Rio Rancho Art Association. I had fun just getting ready for those presentations; researching techniques, history, and contacting working artists about their methods and also for their permission to show their works in my presentation. The presentations were a blast. I so enjoy explaining how encaustic art is made, and answering people’s questions. They are usually surprised about the variety of things that can be done with the medium.

My real love is teaching, and I am always amazed by the creativity and artistic abilities of my students.  Some are more adventurous than others, and I think our small groups allow a lot of encouragement, and sharing of ideas among the artists.

Here are some pieces done by students in 2012:






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