Encaustic Art

I absolutely love working with beeswax. The aroma is fabulous, the possibilities seem limitless, and the medium is constantly changing as I work and stretching me in directions I didn’t know I was heading. Here are some examples of my work.

To see the entire image without the previews in the way, click the left circle in the bottom right corner.  To return, press escape.  Thanks!

Created with oQey Gallery




3 thoughts on “Encaustic Art

  1. Marci

    I love that slide show .I think the portraits are my favorites .I cant believe the Dalai Lama one .It is brilliant..im not kidding .xoxo

    1. Sharon Post author

      Thank you! I hope to continue doing portraits as well as more abstracts and other representational works, too!

  2. maryannsperry

    your work is fantastic. In the order of first to third. I loved the portrait, dali lama and the crane. keep up the great work.

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