Encaustic Art

I absolutely love working with beeswax. The aroma is fabulous and the possibilities seem limitless. The medium constantly changes as I work and, when I let it, can stretch me in directions I didn’t know I was heading.

Encaustic paint is comprised of beeswax, damar resin and pigment. It is applied in a molten state and each layer must be fused using heat to the layer beneath it. My work is painted on birch plywood and encausticbord. Occasionally, I work on paper.

Here are some examples:

Click on any thumbnail to see a full image.

3 thoughts on “Encaustic Art

  1. Marci

    I love that slide show .I think the portraits are my favorites .I cant believe the Dalai Lama one .It is brilliant..im not kidding .xoxo

    1. Sharon Post author

      Thank you! I hope to continue doing portraits as well as more abstracts and other representational works, too!

  2. maryannsperry

    your work is fantastic. In the order of first to third. I loved the portrait, dali lama and the crane. keep up the great work.

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