Encaustic Portraits

Painting realistically in wax is a lot different and more challenging (at least for me) than doing so with oils or than painting non-representationally with wax.  But it gives me more time to spend with my subject and reflect on what they mean to me and how I want to represent them.


I spent some time learning how to do paint encaustic portraits with Francisco Benitez of Santa Fe.  He is wonderfully consumed with the techniques of the old masters, has worked extensively in oils and, after much research, now produces beautiful encaustic portraits and classical scenes in the traditional style. Staying true to what I learned from Francisco, I painted these portraits with a traditional four-color palette using the finest pigments.

“Beauty triumphs with colored wax and obliges the painter to love his work, wax acquiring a voice and paint the gift of speech”. ~ Severus Alexander, Roman Emperor, 222-235 AD






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